Reminding myself to practice what I preach

I’ve shared with you a million times how much I love the new year and the magic of new beginnings. Starting from a clean slate with new opportunities and conceptualizing new ideas, goals, and dreams. 

Although this year seems to be flying by and we’re already at the end of February, I still have to remind myself that we’re only still at the beginning of the year. I find myself feeling like I am behind my goals but when I look at the big picture, I then realize that it’s only the second month of the year. And yes, my husband, Victor constantly reminds me of this (at times with frustration) because I tend to get hard on myself when it comes to working and I feel like I am not doing enough.

So, here I am now, reminding myself to practice what I normally preach to you, my family, and my friends.

Take care of yourself. 
Listen to your body.
Give yourself grace and kindness.
Because what you’re doing IS ENOUGH.

And this is really what it’s all about… the true essence of a self-care, which is really about self-love.

Whether it’s the new year, the holidays, or any special occasion, things will come up. We can have big goals and big dreams for the year, but if we don’t learn how to take care of ourselves first, those goals and the transformation we long for will fade away. 

Self-care is part of the process. 

But this self-care is not just about making time for yourself, reading a book, getting massages, etc. It’s about digging deeper. It’s about looking within. Enhancing our self-awareness, discovering our own needs, and learning how to meet and satisfy them.

Self-care is about honoring yourself and your needs physically, emotionally, and spiritually, in order to feel your best self so you can also better serve others. It is also about experiencing joy and discovering our purpose, ultimately reaching our personal fulfillment. 

On the contrary, selfishness is defined as “devoted to or caring only for oneself, concerned primarily with one's own interests, benefits, etc.” ( Most times, we feel guilty because we think taking care of ourselves is selfish, but clearly, it is not. Our society has somehow misinterpreted these two ideas for generations, and we have been living underneath this guilt and misconception. 

And now more than ever, this is what I want for this year - what I want to remind myself to keep practicing. I want to continue focusing on ME - my own evolution. The part of me who still needs to learn more about myself, especially during the hard times. To enhance my self-awareness so I can better take care of myself. And it’s only through this process that I can then work on fulfilling my big dreams and be bold about making them happen.

What about you? Are you ready to start on your self-care journey with me ( if you haven’t already done so)? If so, let me know what you’d like to hear more about my self-care journey. And I think this calls for a self-love club! ;) What do you think? Anyway, on our next blog, I will be sharing with you a list of self-care ideas and moving forward, my hope is to encourage you to make time for yourself, and do the things that fill your soul. Remember, self-care first and it's always part of the process. 

Take care of YOU... sending you my love + gratitude. 🤍

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Well… all of this is awesome but also I think you need to see that orange self love club sweatshirt! 🧡

Carrie Madsen February 28, 2023

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