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“For about 6 years I battled with deep depression and anxiety. I then spent 4 years working to get well, finding myself and searching for meaning. For 10 years I was estranged from my own life -- Depression is dark, painful, and ugly -- I remember everything, suffering in silence. Now, I am sharing my story with the intention to connect with those who are dealing with depression or anyone else in need of inspiration. My story is only one, out of the millions of people facing these debilitating mental illnesses every day.

Wearing jewelry inscribed with an inspirational message became an anchor of hope that helped me continue to persevere through my years of struggle.

Now, I am creating jewelry and other lifestyle products that I hope will help to inspire and someone as much as it did for me. I hope to connect and encourage one person at a time, one product at a time.”
-Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss

Click here to read her full story on her battle with depression

In 2013, Elizabeth left her life on the East Coast, to move to sunny California with her husband in support of his career. She embraced this transition with the excitement of a fresh start; deciding to pursue a career that would spark change and make a difference. Elizabeth’s lifelong battle with depression called her to use this life experience as a way to reach out to those struggling with mental illness, with the intention of making a positive impact on their lives. During her early battle with deep depression, Elizabeth had found comfort in a bracelet that she wore throughout her journey. Inscribed with an inspirational message, this piece of jewelry provided a source of strength when she needed it most -- it became her string of hope.

As a creative, with a background in digital marketing, graphic, and web design and a passion for making crafty projects; Elizabeth realized she could learn how to make jewelry, and she thought, “why not provide products that can be a symbol of hope, that anyone who is battling mental illness can use as a source of inspiration and strength?”

And so, Link of Hearts was born, a small company that offers products designed to create a movement raising awareness for depression, other mental illnesses, and mental health. Every product directly impacts a person struggling in silence, by providing a message of hope and contributing to ongoing aid and support for those who need it. Link of Hearts has dedicated its mission to working together with the community to give the gift of hope and help fight the stigma of mental illness.

Why "link of hearts"?

By connecting and reaching out to those who are struggling with mental health struggles, we create a link -- from one heart to another, to share and open up -- alleviating the loneliness and forming bonds of hope. We all have stories, and I am sharing mine with the intention of inspiring someone who may be seeking some empathy and comfort. A connection from my heart to yours…


I started this YouTube channel because I felt a strong calling to connect with you through videos so I can talk and be honest and transparent about everything. Depression. Anxiety. Bipolar Disorder. Coping tools. Faith. Self-care. The good. The bad. And the ugly.

I am here to share both my life-long journey with mental illness so you can hopefully feel less alone, and how I went from surviving to thriving.

Life can be hard, complicated, and discouraging, but having someone to walk with and go through life with can make all the difference. Let’s walk together.

I hope you will subscribe to my channel and become part of the Link of Hearts community. I will be releasing a new video every week.