The magic of new beginnings

There’s something magical during this time when we welcome new beginnings. Even when things are not going as well as we’d like, amidst the challenges and hardships, the coming of the new year helps us see the light.

To start a new year, is to hope again. To have faith again. To believe, that everything you have gone through this entire year paved the way for what’s to come. 

It’s about celebrating the hard things you got through this year,  the ups and downs you survived, and all the small wins in between. The new year is about letting go of everything that no longer serves you and looking forward to starting anew.

Remember though, a new beginning can simply mean a breath of fresh air, and an opportunity to grow in each moment. No need for a radical change or extreme excitement. If this is you, it’s OK. You don’t need to keep up with everyone else. Just be -and stay at your own pace. All you need to focus on right now is yourself- your health and your being. Because that’s all that matters. Everything else will fall into place. 

The other thing I’m excited about the new year is choosing my intention and my word, which I have been doing since 2016. Here are some of my words...

2016 - Trust
2017 - Thrive
2018 - Grace
2019 - Show Up
2020 - Purpose
2021 - Overcome
2022 - Balance

And my word for 2023 is CREATE. I chose this based on how this year has shaped me, how I’ve grown, and what I’d like to focus on in the new year.  2022 was about finding balance in my life, among my priorities and everything else where I invested my time. And I found myself prioritizing my health together with my mental and emotional healing. I did a lot of work this year that helped me realize my worthiness… which is now leading me to believe all the possibilities in my life, and what could be.

So this new year is about CREATE-ing and designing the life that I want, because I now believe I am worthy. It may sound cheesy but trust me, it took me most of my life to see and believe this. My ugly past led me to believe otherwise. But now, I know better. I would love to create the family I deserve, create abundance and wealth in order to make a bigger impact, and create everything else my heart desires.

It sounds simple enough, but that is really it. I believe in setting an intention each year where we can focus our attention to and prepare ourselves no matter how life shows up for us. And I invite you to do the same. When you do, please let me know what your word is. I get really giddy about this. ;)

Lastly, thank you once again for being a part of this journey, and for continuing to support us in 2022.

That said, I welcome 2023 with you. Whether you are enthusiastic about it or you’re just feeling meh about it… I’m here with you. Let’s do this together and let’s start over! Happy New Year!!


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My words are new beginnings and resilience. Trust is another one. Enjoyed the article.

Cindy Webster January 17, 2023

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