You cannot live in greatness from a state of survival!

The last several weeks have been a doozy! Information overload at its best, but I am loving every second of it, tired and all. From all the coaching and mentorship calls, online classes, and group meetings multiple times daily, I have learned so much and want to share with you one big message I took to heart over the last several weeks.

“You cannot create and live in greatness from a state of survival.” We all get caught up in our to-do’s every day, running around and losing our consciousness in the process. We become mechanical beings just doing and doing and doing, and somehow, we end up defining our identity and success by our productivity; hence, “busy” has become a glorified word. And for some reason, saying that we’re busy makes us feel like we matter, and we can prove to others that we are doing things. And our ego is happy.

But here’s the question, at whose expense?

Ourselves! You and me! Our health. Our bodies. We get into our survival mode without even realizing it. We become unconscious living our lives. Either we are numb to how we feel, or, most times, we refuse to feel. Masking every pain. Negative thoughts and worries have claimed permanent residence in our minds.

How about living in greatness, having the capacity to feel all the good things life has to offer? How about being conscious of our family and the people around us? How about taking the time to ask ourselves, what is it that I truly want? What will truly make me happy? Sadly, living in survival mode does not allow us to ask these questions. Because we are too busy! Who has time for such nonsense?

But I hope you do. For your sake. For your health’s sake and your body’s sake.

And it starts with one step. Just creating an awareness around it, is your smallest and biggest step. Next, is the first shift. Mine began when I simply stopped using the word “busy.” I changed that simple word because I no longer want to be defined by it. Sometimes, choosing the right words can redefine your thinking. Sure, my schedule can get full and hectic, but I am no longer too busy to listen to my own needs and take care of myself. I’m no longer too busy to do the things that fill my cup and lift my soul… and it only takes one baby step to begin. It’s all up to you. And I do hope and pray that you will start to make these small changes for yourself in order to thrive, and not just survive. 🤍🤍🤍

Sending you light + love... 

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