find joy


Sometimes we think that finding joy is hard to attain, and we forget that we are surrounded by these small things that actually spark joy in us... fresh flowers in your room. Sweet aroma in your space. Cool fresh air. And even a pop of color can bring us joy. We just need to be mindful and find joy in the simple things in life. 

10% of the proceeds of each sale will be donated to our non-profit partner.


Design & Materials:

Simple dainty bracelet. 6.5 inch with 1 inch extender. The gold-filled material is solid gold bonded to a base metal (copper). Won’t tarnish in water or sweat. Non tarnish jewelry waterproof.

Disclaimer: Metals used may contain brass or copper.  Please be advised of any allergies or skin sensitivity.

Most items are delicate and need to be worn and handled with care. We are not responsible for items broken due to improper handling so be kind to your jewelry!

We highly advise jewelry to be taken off before showering, swimming, and exercising.Keep clean & dry when not in use. 

To clean gold-filled: mild jewelry cleaner or soap and water, rinse. To clean gold plated: water and rinse; do not scrub or use chemical cleaners. To clean brass: rub with lemon juice (or ketchup) and water, then rinse. Oxidation is a beautiful part of brass' natural process and should be expected. If your raw brass jewelry came with a polishing cloth, please use it and don’t lose it.

Hand stamping is a very rustic method of imprinting letters onto the surface of the metal. In doing so, not every letter will line up exactly the same as the next, providing a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Please note that the results of each piece will vary from item to item. These results are characteristic of this folk art technique.

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