Sharing more stories and songs of HOPE

The scars you share become the lighthouses for people
who are headed for the same rocks you hit.
-Author Unknown

As we continue on with Mental Health Awareness Month, we are sharing quotes and short stories from those close to us within our own community. The purpose is to shed some light on the reality that many people are battling with something we may know nothing about. And if you are someone going through your own struggle, I hope stories such as these will help you feel that you are not alone.

In fact, I too, have had my own “low episode” in the last week. We have had beautiful, breezy, sunny days here in LA, but last week was rough for me as I felt gloomy and heavy inside. I encouraged myself to spend the afternoons out in our backyard hoping the sunshine would do me some good. I read for many hours and I did most of the things that would normally help me feel better... from aromatherapy, to watching movies, brunch, and just being outside- but nothing worked this time. I did a lot of things but it was almost just mechanical. I felt tired, no energy and I didn't want to talk much. My heart and my whole being just continued to feel heavy...

So, I took some days off from work and rested. I did my best to give myself some love and grace and most of all, I held on to HOPE. Days later, I was okay but I was also NOT okay… and the irony is, it's been crazy busy at work this mental health month, and here I was, having my own kind of episode. The reason why I decided to share with you all is that, so you know that this is all part of my healing journey, and a part of #linkofhearts story. The ups and downs continue and there are times like these recent days, that I was not feeling okay... it can feel disappointing and frustrating, but I was also okay with that. Today is a brand new day, and I know this week, these next 7 days will give me the opportunity to rise up from this fall and get #stronger.

If you're going through a rough time right now, please know that I understand what you're going through. I get it. I know there aren't always the right words to say to make you feel better, but just know I am here, and you are not alone in this. Make sure you talk about it with someone, or even message me here if you want and I'll be here for you too. And remember, this new week and the next 7 days will also make you stronger.

And before I go, I’d like to share with you our new playlist, a simple list of songs with words that are meant to be uplifting and make you feel good. Songs that just maybe, will help you hold on to HOPE - new and old tunes that are catchy enough, that may inspire you to start shaking off those negative feelings, get yourself moving, and maybe even shake that booty! ;)


I was diagnosed a couple of years ago and it was like someone told me I had emotional cancer. I wake up and think “why do I have to be depressed” and when I go to bed I think the same thing. In between I would think “suicide would be so easy, and then I can just stop all the bad and get good attention when I’m gone”. Its a very unique illness and the biggest thing that helps me is the word HOPE, I always like to think it stands for “hold on, pain ends” .
Depression is painful but I believe you and I are stronger, that’s why you are reading this. Depression is very dark, it can be scary, so hold onto Hope. We can make it.
— Nina Nozzi, California

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