When God Closes the Door, He Opens the Window

I was raised in a very religious home and attended an all girls Catholic School for about 12 years. So, go figure! My whole family is very religious, but I DON’T claim that for myself. However, I am a person of strong faith. I believe in God, as much as I believe in all other higher power and the universal light and energy all around us. If there was one thing that helped me the most during my years of struggle with depression, it was my faith. I questioned it during the times I was unsure of what was happening with me, but I never completely lost it. I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason and for that, my faith grew stronger and stronger even amidst the most difficult times, to this day.

Now, I have this new venture and I am faced with new challenges in life. So, once again my faith is tested as I figure things out. As I start this new journey, I am learning that starting a new venture/business is a lot like knocking on someone’s door. Be it selling a service or any products, proposing collaboration or a partnership, or "selling" a cause and social mission... people are bound to shut the door not once, but many, many times.

The first few times it happened, it hit me and even knocked me down (yes, a few hours of sulking, TV and some chocolates were involved!). No matter how many times I thought of it logically and knowing that this is all part of the game, it bothered me anyway. Until I found it in me to pray and totally surrender to everything that is going on and whatever is about to happen. I realize I have no control over anything. I know and I believe that I’m following my purpose and what’s true to my heart, but even then, I don’t know what’s yet to come. Nobody knows. All I know is, I have to trust and believe that things will unfold the way they should be… that, one day will come when I will knock on someone’s door, and I will be invited and welcomed in.

Just when I had that moment of surrender, I had a chat with my best friend. I mentioned to her what my week was like and she reminded me that amidst the challenges, “we must always rise up.” Then, it hit me. I am rising up and I will deal with things as I go along. A few days later, a known international Fashion Blogger contacted me wanting to help me spread the word. Through the goodness of some people’s hearts and word of mouth, she learned about my site and read my story. Bless her heart as she reached out to me due to her own kindness. Suddenly, my roller coaster week of doors getting shut had turned and a window had opened for me.

And now, it has kept going. I went to a "bloom gathering" of Yellow Conference last night, which gave me the opportunity to meet and connect with people who care about making a change in this world and see the impact of what I am trying to do. It warmed my heart to see that there are so many people trying to do something good for everyone. It was truly inspiring and empowering!

We all go through difficult and challenging times. They all hit us and knock us down. Falling is part of life. It is when you get up that counts. I know getting up is easier said than done. It takes a lot of energy, willpower and a whole lot of faith. However, when you do get there, rising up is what matters most.

So, HAVE FAITH and TRUST that things will unfold the way they should, at the right time and place. God is good and He is working out the best for us. Some doors may shut and it can feel worrisome, but hang in there and RISE UP! For, in time, a window will open for you. :)


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